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"I don't think I would have ever gone to a college campus at age 11 and gotten the idea I might actually go one day if it weren't for the trips I took with Steps."

- Mary, Steps High School Student

Steps to Success programming starts in 4th grade, before students reach the critical middle school years. Guided by their Advisor, Steps students participate in grade level programs intended to build the habits and competencies successful students exhibit while exposing them to new experiences. 

Student Success Plan

  • The Student Success Plan helps students set a personal goal for the year, monitor their progress, and gain recognition and rewards for their advances. Steps students, their Advisor, parents/guardians and the school principal all sign this competency-based Plan at the start of each school year. 

Step Up

  • Step Up starts our youngest students on the road to success in 4th grade and provides an orientation to our expectations through weekly literacy-based activities.

After School Academic Support and Enrichment

  • Steps offers a number of school-based after school programs for 5th - 8th graders. These programs, open to all students at the schools where they are sited, provide homework support and project-based enrichment activities that extend learning beyond the school day. Many community partners are involved, including: Brookline Access Television (BATV); Hosteling International's Cultural Kitchen program; Kids Capture the Universe from Harvard University; Green City Growers and others. 

College Awareness

  • Steps students start visiting college campuses in 5th grade. Undergraduates and graduate students from our college partners lead these trips, provide specialized programming as well as tutoring/mentoring of Steps students. Simmons College (through its Scott/Ross Center for Community Service Learning) and Boston College (4Boston Club and its Carroll Graduate School of Management "Invest 'N Kids" program for middle school students) are two such critical partners. 

Transition to High School

  • Steps prepares 8th grade students for high school and encourages them to take more rigorous courses as part of our transition to high school program. They shadow older Steps students in their classes and also go on a series of visits to learn the ropes, meet deans and guidance staff, explore extra-curricular options and learn from a panel of experts - Steps high school students.