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High School 

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Work Connections

In this program, our 9th-12th grade students participate in paid internships, which include placements in a variety of local settings including the medical/health, education/youth development, technology and public sectors. Students also attend professional development workshops to improve workplace readiness and financial literacy skills while increasing their knowledge about different careers and post-secondary options.

We also assist our students to connect with other internship programs such as Boston Children’s Hospital, Beth Israel Medical Center, The Country Club, The Emerald Necklace Conservancy, and state government.

Student Work Spotlight

Four Steps high school student students are participating in the Intergenerational Digital Storytelling Project, led by Brookline Interactive Group. The project teaches multimedia and storytelling skills, bridging generational gaps widened by COVID-19. For their first project in the fall of 2020, the students translated an older relative’s story into a multimedia presentation (videos here).

We are so pleased to see our students developing invaluable skills that will bolster their future careers, all while learning about and sharing priceless stories from older generations. This successful project will continue through the spring, when each of the four students will pair up with a senior from the Brookline Senior Center to create another set of digital stories. We can't wait to see them!

Student Thoughts

I like that we work with people we don't know; it gets us out of our comfort zone. I have learned a lot about editing from this project.


Naomi FanFan Lebron

Brookline High School First-Year Student

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Thank you to the following supporters of our Work Connections Program:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The Hamilton Company Charitable Foundation

The Henry E. Niles Foundation

The TJX Foundation

The Philanthropic Initiative’s Cradle to Career Program

Town of Brookline Community Development Block Grant

If you would like to host an intern at your organization please contact Destaunia Perry, Steps High School Pathways Manager, at

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