Real Results 


Extended Learning Programs

With the overarching goal to mitigate barriers to learning for low-income students living in Brookline, STS has achieved the following outcomes in our Extended Learning Programs:

- 83% of students’ homework completion rates met their teachers’ expectations

- 100% of AHU students have access to 3 different weekly enrichment classes each year

- 95% of students showed measurable growth in their enrichment subject matter, such as S.T.E.M. topics

- 46% increase across social emotional learning metrics: engagement in learning, communication, and relationships with peers

Outdoor Explorations

STS sends nearly 60 students to summer camps across New England, including day and overnight camps.  We have strong relationships with 10 camps that generously provide free or significantly subsidized slots for our students. 

- 30% increase in its participants’ perseverance

- 14% increase in communication Skills

- 18% increase in improved relationships with peers

College Success Initiative

The goal of the CSI program is to ensure college or other post-secondary school matriculation, persistence, and completion. Short term success indicators for the CSI program that we track throughout the year are as follows:

- Over 90% of CSI students are on track to graduate college in 4-6 years - over eight times the national average for low-income, first-generation college students!

- 92% of students completed FAFSAs this fall

- 94% of BHS students completed matriculation checklist in June

- 85% of students report CSI has supported their college retention

Career Connections

Through our Summer and Work Connections programs, 64 students participated last year:

- 99% of students met or exceeded supervisor expectations

- 97% of students attended professional development classes, including weekly career chats

- 94% of students completed a post-secondary plan

- 94% of students completed a job interview

Hear from our students!

Extended Learning Programs

Things I enjoy at AHU? Finishing all my homework, sharing time with my friends, and doing really fun things.


 Eliani, Extended Learning

Outdoor Explorations

My favorite thing has been meeting new friends and having the experience of building something, it’s my first time building something and I’m building a car! It’s been really fun and you can be really creative.


Tarrus, Summer at Park camper

Career Connections

Overall it was a really fun experience. I feel like I learned a lot.  I want to thank Jacki [SC teacher] because she kept me on task and she made sure we had a fun time.


D’Andre, Summer Connections

College Success Initiative

Working with Tony has been really great. It’s so easy to talk with him about money, a topic otherwise I feel uncomfortable talking about. Being able to get a lot of clarity around my financial situation at college is really helpful.


Richard, CSI

Career Connections

Thank you so much for not giving up on us and still creating a program to help us learn and earn money despite the pandemic and circumstances you had to face. I really appreciate this opportunity and I actually learned some very valuable information that I will never forget…


Leah, Work Connections

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