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Thursday, May 4 - Team Building

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Welcome to Day 4 of our Step Up Celebration!

Thanks to your incredible support we were able to meet yesterday's match! 

Yesterday the Family of Harry Gold and Joyce Jozwicki put up a $10,000 donation match. Our sincere thanks to Harry, Joyce, and all of our supporters that allowed us to meet the match. With one more week to go in the Step Up Celebration, there is still time to help us meet our fundraising goals. 

Steps to Success focuses on the whole student and provides opportunities outside the classroom to expose our students to the broader world. A team building Outdoor Explorations trip to the New Hampshire mountains this winter was a metaphor for the chances our students have to find their true potential.


Click below to see what Team Building means to our students:

Steps to Success, Inc. provides extended learning programs through After Hours University for 3rd–6th graders, Teen Advantage for middle school students, and Work Connections and college/post-secondary focus for high school students. Our College Success Initiative works to help students navigate everything from financial aid to career advice, providing mentoring throughout college. Our students have a 90% graduation rate within 4-6 years, far above the national average of 15% for low-income students.

Speaking of Team Building, we also have an exciting Sports Auction update! In addition to 2 Patriots tickets, 4 Red Sox tickets, and 2 Celtics tickets, we recently added 3 Bruins tickets to the auction. We'd like to give our profound thanks to the organizations and supporters who have donated tickets. There is still one week to participate in our auction and potentially win tickets: 

And if you love to shop and eat in Brookline, click below to buy tickets for our Heart of Brookline Raffle:

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