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Tuesday, May 23 - Thank you!

When Steps made the decision to host this year's Step Up Celebration as a virtual event, we were nervous. Nervous about virtual fatigue, nervous about current economic conditions, and nervous about capturing your attention. Despite our nerves we decided to aim high. We set a fundraising goal of $175,000 and worked to reach it by not only producing the best virtual event we could, but also by using new and creative ways to share the campaign with our community. As we reflect on these past few weeks, we are happy to say we were wrong to be nervous. Thank you for showing us that year after year, event after event, through good times and bad times, that you are willing to Step Up for our students and their families. 

final therm.png

With your support, the Step Up Celebration has raised over $183,000, surpassing our $175,000 fundraising goal. And there's still time to give! Donations and sponsorships received through May 31 will be counted towards the 2023 Step Up campaign and acknowledged on the Step Up Homepage. 

Congratulations to our Heart of Brookline Raffle and Sports Auction winners, and a huge thank you to all those who participated in the contests: 

  • Mary Howard – winner of Live a Little! 

  • Amy Luster – winner of Local Luxuries!

  • Deb & Jane M-G Family – winners of Gifts Galore! 

  • Sarah Nardi –  winner of Beauty Bundle! 

  • Nan Regina – winner of Coolidge Cornerstones! 

  • Betsy Weaver – winner of Delightful Dining! 

  • Deborah & David Brooks – winners of Bruins tickets, Red Sox tickets

  • Brenda Sullivan & Jeremy Kindall – winners of Celtics tickets

  • Michael & Jennifer Shea – winners of Patriots tickets

Finally, for those catching up on Step Up, check out Herbie’s Story, our look at Team Building as seen through our middle school students, In Their Own Words, featuring Steps alums, and Karina's Story. You can also visit the Step Up Homepage to find an interactive calendar through which you can view the full event. 

Thanks so much for supporting Steps to Success!


Rachel Goodman

Board Chair

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Catching up on Step Up? We've got you covered!
Click below to see what you may have missed:


Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 4.38.42 PM.png

Herbie’s Story


Copy of for rally-up raffle (4).png

Sports Auction & Heart of Brookline Raffle 


Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 10.28.25 AM.png

We Have a $10,000

Match Opportunity!!



Team Building


Sponsor and Community

Partner Recognition Day!


Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 5.20_edited.jpg

In Their Own Words


Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 9.12.41 AM.png

Another Donor Match!


Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 2.37_edited.jpg

Karina's Story


Virtual Paddle Raise.png

Virtual Paddle Raise

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Our sincerest thanks to our amazing Host Committee and sponsors!

(as of May 24, 2023)

Host Committee

Jason & Lisa Lamont Harris

Peter & Julia Johannsen
Kate & Tony Leness
Judy Katz & Phill Mayfield
Chinwe Ukomadu & Emily Oken
Shoma Haque & Josh Schultz
David Williams & Nyna Urovitch

Flight Leader


Brooke & Jeff Cook
Harry Gold
Jason & Lisa Lamont Harris
Chinwe Ukomadu & Emily Oken
Shoma Haque & Josh Schultz
Allan & Wendy Williams

Rising Partners

FBN Construction

Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 2.18.12 PM.png

Neha Bhatia
Deborah & David Brooks
Dr. Frank & Sharon Casarella
Pete & Julia Johannsen
Kate & Tony Leness
Judy Katz & Phill Mayfield
Amy & DJ Morse
Frannie Moyer
Ellen A. Bruce & Richard Segan
Jensie & Bill Shipley
David Williams & Nyna Urovitch

Soaring Leaders

City Realty Group
The Country Club
Mellowes & Paladino

Peabody Properties, Inc.
Stemberg Fou

Kitty & Charlie Ames
Sandy & David Bakalar
Candy Altman & Joe Bergantino
Kyle & Ali Carrigan
Judy Levenson & Mark Coven
Kristina & David Daglio
Jim & Janet Fitzgibbons
Peter & Sara Fleiss
Jane T. N. Fogg
Courtney Church & Will Goldthwait
Rachel Goodman
John & Annie Hall
Britt & Bernie Lee
Kristine Kaczor & Steve Luby
Robert & Christine Marzilli
Steve & Tish Mead
Lynn & Willy Osborn
Ellen Perrin
Janet Selcer & Joel Schwartz

Gail Stein
Kate & Jeffrey Thibault
Susan & John Welch
Deborah Goldberg & Michael Winter
Lisa Frost & Paul Zintl

Summit Club

Ben Steverman Electric
Boston University Office of Government & Community Affairs
Brookline Municipal Credit Union
Central Cleaners
Chestnut Hill Realty
Debra Mayfield, Esq., LLC
Firestone and Parson, Inc.


OKM Associates, Inc.
Lars & Lawson Albright
Devon & Dwight Angelini
Carol Axelrod
Martina Albright & Jon Bernstein
Catherine & Matt Burke
Ann Coles
Abby & Chad Cox
Susan DeLong
Mady & Bruce Donoff
Mary Beth & John Elder
Hilary Elkins
Liz Ascoli & Brett Erickson
Karen & David Firestone
Arlene Sharpe & Gordon Freeman
Vicky Moskowitz & Lee Glickenhaus
Valerie & Sanjay Godhwani
Dan Gordon
Minnie Ames & Brian Hirschfeld
Francie & Jon Karlen
Janie & Rob Knight
Jean & Jordan Krasnow
Allison Katz-Mayfield
Margaret & Rob Lawrence
Ken Lewis
Joe & Grace Makalusky
Kevin & Polly Maroni
Karin & Leonard Miller
Judith & Robert Melzer
Philip & Kathy Moss
Chris & Shari Noe
Alison & Alexander Packard
Melanie Perillo
Dr. Fran Perler
Jason & Ali Pogorelec
Jennie & Ian Roffman
Nora & Charles Sanders
Carol & Toby Stowe
Tom Gallitano & Margaret Talmers
Susan Cohen & Fred Taub
Anne & Brian Trinque
Diana & Ralph Vogel
Emily Dolbear & Paul Willen
Alexis & Laurence Wintersteen

Climbers Circle

Camerlengo & Associates
Gary's Liquors

Dorothy Pizzella & Charlie Baker
Evelyn & Charles Berde
Susan Bookbinder
Carol Caro
Lucy Chie
Gordon & Wendy Cromwell
Erin Deemer
Patricia Meaney & Richard Eckaus
Nancy Lincoln & Reddi Ford
Anita Fritze
Julia Clarkson & Steve Glick
Victoria Graboys
Beth & Mitch Harris
Karen & Jim Hirsch
Melissa Ellis & Morris Housen
Susan & Jim Hunnewell
Bruce & Georgia Johnson
Glenn & Lisa Johnson
Rita Lara & Daniel Kidorf
Terry Kwan
Linda Leahy
Carol & Werner Lohe
Diana McClure
Mark Pasternack & Judy Meyers
Elizabeth Boen & Kevin Orr
John Hodgman & Adele Pike
Katie & Matt Sawatzky
Rita Linggood & Gethyn Timothy
Christopher & Kathryn Ward
Julie Burkley & Craig Wohlers
Aki & Yoshinari Yoshikawa
Megan & David Zug

For more information about sponsoring this year's Step Up Celebration, contact Colin Yap at

An additional thank you to Ellen Perrin, Aquitane, Chestnut Hill Nails, & Tiny Hanger for going above and beyond in their support of the Heart of Brookline raffle!

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